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Gone are the days of the beach and cocktails, now it’s the winter season and veloutés! Whether it’s pumpkin, tomato or vegetable veloutés, it’s not always easy to know which to pair with which wine. Twil suggests
some pairings
for this winter!

Wine with velouté?

It can make for an enjoyable dining experience! However, the choice of wine depends on the type of velouté you’re serving, as some flavor combinations work better than others.

In general, dry, non-woody white wines and light red wines are excellent choices to accompany veloutés . Fuller-bodied red wines may work better with richer velvety wines.

The agreements

Velouté de potimarron: A white Saint-Joseph will be an excellent match for a velouté de potimarron. The fullness and roundness will bring a gourmet mouthfeel to your dish. On the red side, a Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil will also do nicely. It reveals a bouquet of red and black fruits such as blueberry and blackberry, perfect for red wine lovers!

Mushroom velouté : Mushroom veloutés often have rich, earthy flavors, so a dry white wine is highly recommended. Choose a Pinot Gris from Alsace, or a white wine from Burgundy (Chablis, Marsannay, Puligny-montrachet).

Velouté de légumes: a very light, fruity white wine, Savoy wines, for example, can accompany vegetable soups, whether they are made with carrots, leeks, potatoes, turnips or other varieties of vegetables.

Tomato velouté: A tomato velouté is often slightly acidic and full of flavor. A dry, full-bodied white wine such as a Vermentino or a well-balanced Chardonnay may work. A light red wine like a Pinot Noir may also be an option if you prefer red.


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