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The Angélus style is the marriage of a bold grape variety with an exceptional terroir. It is this unique character born of the south coast of Saint-Émilion and its high proportion of Cabernet Franc, which we like to see again and again over the vintages. It’s a composition re-orchestrated every year, always striving for excellence.

“A great wine is a terroir and the man to reveal it, sublimate it, transmit it….”

Hubert de Boüard de Laforest

The origins of the Château Angélus appellation

The natural setting of Château Angélus is a resonance chamber where the bells used to ring the angelus morning, noon and night. In the past, they punctuated the working day in the villages, but also in the vineyards. The moment was immortalized by French Impressionist painter Jean-François Millet. His painting, simply christened “L’Angélus”, is today exhibited at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

The Angelus prayer dates back to the time of Pope Calixtus III, and was instituted to celebrate the Holy Roman Empire’s victorious battle with the Ottoman army on July 21, 1456. The bell on the Château Angélus wine label is a tribute to this prayer.


Terroir and grape varieties

The Château Angélus terroir is composed of limestone and clay, giving it exceptional natural drainage capacity, as well as the ability to retain just the right amount of moisture. Its circus-like layout provides an original configuration, allowing it to benefit from all types of sun and wind exposure.

Here, vines may or may not be exposed to the elements, depending on their layout. There is a wide choice of grape varieties: hot or cold, poor or rich, deficient or balanced. Hot summer temperatures stimulated early ripening. The qualities of this opulent, dense and unctuous wine are attributed to its early terroir.

Vines are planted according to soil type and exposure.

Merlot grapes are found on the clayier slopes, while Cabernet Franc – which accounts for 46% of grape varieties – is more at home on the sandy-clay-limestone soils at the foot of the slope.

Château Angélus wines

Château Angélus wines are refined. Their color deepens with age, and mentholated, spicy aromas add elegance and finesse. Their tannins are dense, yet silky, adding a note of freshness essential to their balance.


Here are a few legendary references:

  • Château Angélus, the first Grand Cru classé A : Château Angélus is not by chance the first Grand Cru classé A. It is recognized as one of the jewels of its appellation, thanks to its typical Saint Emilion expression. A fruity nose and an elegant, suave palate. This wine is a pure marvel, a delight for all the senses, and almost takes us to paradise…


  • Angelus chimes : Carillon d’Angélus is a Saint-Émilion Grand Cru, born in 1987. A blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, it shines with its pure, fruity aromas, velvety tannins and elegant finish. A nose of candied fruit that is sure to take you on a journey.


  • N°3 d’Angélus : N°3 d’Angélus is composed almost exclusively of Merlot (between 84 and 90%). It is intended for immediate enjoyment, ideal for tasting as soon as it leaves the cellars. It is equally delicious as a vin de garde, which can easily withstand 5 to 8 years of aging. Angélus N°3 is distinguished by its fruity notes, roundness and finesse.


Château Angélus is a wine of legend, a truly historic cru which, if the opportunity ever arises, should be tasted in perfect conditions!


De Julie Andriko

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